• Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

  • Do you know how it's made?

    Your Customers need to know how much you care, but they also want to know that you have the competence to guide, direct, recommend, or select the best option for their flooring. Product knowledge is a vital sales requirement if you are to compete successfully and acquire satisfied customers.

    Learn what you need to know as quickly as you can. Product Knowledge doesn't make up for poor people skills, poor selling skills, or poor attitude, but, if you are able to master all four, there will be little you can't achieve.

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      Rick King, Mohawk Industries
      Duration: 15 minutes
      View the pre-recorded presentation that discusses Everstrand, Evertrand Revive
      and Weardated. Looking at the strong environmental benefits and value for your
    • Smartstrand


      Rick King, Mohawk Industries
      Duration: 19 minutes 29 seconds
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      Wear Dated a Platform

      35 Minutes

      Watch Now Eric Ruppert Recorded April 9, 2013 Watch Now People love soft Consumers are looking for “soft” on Google: Soft = 1.4 Billion Results Soft Clothing = 272 Million Results Soft Fabric = 139 Million Results Soft Toys = 71 Million Results Soft Sheets = 63 Million Results So

    • The Life of a Bottle

      The Life of a Bottle

      Mohawk University