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Certified Flooring Installers

  • Create and Sell More Value with Certified Installation 

    Residential-I (R-1) CFI Certification and Training Course
    through Mohawk University


    • Provide proof of 2 years of active installation experience or if within 6-8 months will receive the certificate upon completing requirement of length of experience
    • Installers who successfully complete the Mohawk-CFI hands-on program and written test receive the CFI Residential-I (R-I) Carpet Certification.
    • Arrive prepared for training – Mohawk U will send the attendee the CFI Study Guide or it is also available online at www.CFIinstallers.com and select “Carpet Certification.” The answers to the test are included.


    During Training:
           Installers receive specialized and hands-on training in seam construction, powerstretching, pattern alignment, stair upholstery, technical information and detailed specifics concerning Mohawk Carpet

    Post Certification:
           Installers achieving CFI Certification must sign and abide by the CFI Agreement and follow the Manufacturer’s installation recommendations. CFI Certification signifies that the Installer who successfully completes category requirements has demonstrated the skills listed below to the Certifier.

    RESIDENTIAL- I (R-I) Certification

    Lightweight, Base-grade, Tufted carpet - Two Years Experience

    1. Answer Written and Oral Questions for R–I 
    2. Successfully Complete EPA and OSHA tests
    3. Demonstrate Proper Powerstretching Techniques
    4. Construct Length Grain / Cross Grain Seams for Stretch-In Application
    5. Demonstrate the Technique of Top-Row Cutting
    6. Correctly Apply Seam Sealer/Latex 
    7. Upholster Stair with Spindles
    8. Understand Basics of Pattern Alignment 
    9. Understand Floor Preparation and Doorway Terminations 
    10. Correctly Identify Five Carpet Backings


    • Continuing Education
    • Opportunity for Advancement by Completion of R-II, Commercial I-II and the Master-II CFI designations
    • Recognition as a Flooring Professional who has Met the Requirements of CFI testing
    • Advancement of Trade
    • Professionalism and Integrity
    • Promotes Customer Confidence – Provides an Incentive Package to “sell” Customer
    • Directory Listing on the CFI Website, www.CFIinstallers.com that is used by Industry Associations, Manufacturers and Consumers who search for Flooring Professionals
    • Business Insurance Discounts
    • Legitimizes the Installation Trade
    • Member of a Network of Like-Minded Individuals
    • Tech-line and Problem Solving Assistance
    • Marketable to consumers, contractors, architects, designers, specifiers, etc.
    • CFI Membership Benefits – WFCA Partnership, Clothing, Training, Business Insurance, etc.
    • WFCA-CFI Dual Membership – WFCA dues of $200.00 entitles member to 100% of the fees of all CFI programs – payable in the amount of $500.00 annually
    • WFCA provides 100% trade scholarship for CFI programs with dual membership in WFCA-CFI
    • One-year renewal CFI membership – Annual dues $100.00
    • Connection with Multiple Resources
    • Access to the Information Highway
    • Networking with CFI Installers Worldwide
    • Assistance with job relocation nationwide

    CFI Certified Installer Receives Following Certification:

    • Identification badge that is renewed annually
    • 2 CFI logos for display on toolbox or truck
    • CFI Residential-I Certificate
    • CFI eNews with receipt of email address
    • CFI Professional Newspaper

    From Mohawk U:

    • Mohawk Factory Trained Certificate
    • Mohawk Factory Trained Photo Badge  
    • T-Shirt